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#36: Energy Medicine - Your Triune of Power and Choice

Uncategorized May 17, 2023

In this episode were going on an Energy Medicine journey. We’re going to explore an energetic pattern, a triune of primary chakras, which can either support your personal power or diminish it. 

Heck, if the decision goes one way, you’re a super star. If it goes the other way, you may hide your gifts, shrink your power, instead of being the leader you are. 

When you lean in and listen, heres what youll learn…

  • Yes, the heart knows the way, but what’s driving the bus
  • Learn the triune of power sitting right inside of you
  • How a binary answer drives your life
  • Hearing and feeling a No inside, could be your soul trying to get you to say Yes. 
  • Slow down and listen to the voice of your soul
  • Walking your path with your soul, in work, in your words, in all things 




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