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Many say Laura’s intuitive skills are “unparalleled, life saving gifts, ridiculously precise, compassionate, and other worldly.” However, she has always held the truth that we are all intuitive and with discipline and training, anyone can do what she does. Now, Laura has taken her 40 years of professional service as an internationally beloved and respected hands-on, hands-off, and remote healer, spiritual mentor, and her most notable work as a medical intuitive and created this training series for you. You won't want to miss these professional trainings in which Laura guides you in awakening strengthening your intuitive competencies and perceptual lens in Intuition and Medical Intuition so that you can accurately apply them as a Medical Intuitive or within any Healing Arts discipline you choose. Through this training series you will also learn the necessary skills and components to create a thriving and personally rewarding spiritual and holistic business. Click the link above to get on the wait list for the next training.


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