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3 Secrets To Finding Inner Balance

After decades within the fields of Energy Medicine and Intuitive Wellness, I've found common patterns we all share. One of the primary patterns is Empathic Overwhelm. I created this E-book with bright, creative, and empathic people in mind. It will help you discover your grounded strength and heal the impacts that have kept you off balance in the past. Enjoy! xo, Laura 

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Put Your Energetic Feet on Solid Ground

Healing Empathic Overwhelm has 3 of the most popular practices I have offered clients through the years. I know they can help you too. 

Cultivate Your Spiritual Power

In this E-book, I will guide you through three level of empathy - Instinctual Empathy, Raw Empathy, and Directional Empathy. How you can use them, instead of them using you! 

Empower Your Intuition and Protective Instincts

Regain your inner stability as I share with you what level of empathy you may tend to use and how you can strengthen these three levels of powerful Intuitive Perception. 


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