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As a Medical Intuitive, no one calls me on their best day



 Yet, after we speak, it's a bright new day!  My job is to compassionately and accurately discover the roots and resolutions regarding what's happening, while offering three essential intentions ~ clarity, spiritual direction, and peace of mind. 

"Based on what you intuitively saw and your recommendation to seek deeper DNA testing, we took Jason [18 months old] to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia for further testing. They found what was wrong, Kabuki Syndrome, an extraordinarily rare condition. The doctor’s described the syndrome using your exact words, ‘It presents in a vague manner.’ We can’t thank you enough!"

Sarah M
Client, USA

"Laura, you intuitively saw that the ear implant was .5 millimeters too large and suggested I go back to my surgeon if I still felt ill. I did. I ended up having another surgery. Afterward, the surgeon told me the ear implant was .5 millimeter too large. Wow!"

Mark S
Client, USA

I don't know how she does it, but she does. Nobody sees like Laura. She's like a walking MRI.

Dr. Mark Hoch
Physician, Educator, Past President of The American Holistic Medical Association

90-minute consult $900.00

A 90 - minute consult is for anyone going through a difficult season of life or has a long list of concerns or need assessments for multiple family members, limit 4 people.

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60-minute consult $600.00

A 60 - minute consult is best for first time clients or anyone with a complex situation or multiple concerns - wellness, career, spiritual direction, and relationships. 

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30-minute consult $400.00

A 30 - minute consult allows Laura to address 1-3 questions, depending on the situations complexity. If you have a multi-layer situation, consider a longer consult.

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Answers to Your Important Questions

Laura is happy to address your concerns — physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. As a medical intuition, she stays on task with the physical body. If emotional components are a contributing factor, they will arise and be addressed. In Laura’s experience, emotions can be a catalyst to imbalances and behaviors, and therefore, a component. They are not the sole cause of a condition. 

Laura possesses a unique and exacting intuitive sight. Internationally, she is best known for her spiritual and medical intuitive work. In her 40 years of private practice and teaching, Laura has worked with the majority of diseases and chronic conditions. She has worked with just about every situation that life, death, relationships, career choices, and creative and business endeavors that can be tossed our way. 


There are two ways to schedule:

  1. Prepay for the session length of your choice. This puts you in a priority position and we will send you available appointments within a few hours if received during business hours. If received after business hours (M-F, 9 am - 4 pm, Central Time USA) you are our priority the next business day. 
  2. Write to [email protected] and we will send you dates and times for your consult. All consults are prepaid and must be paid for after booking your time.


90 - minutes, for complex issues, undergoing treatments, or for families: If you are undergoing a difficult emotional or physical season in your life; are under the care of multiple health-care providers; undergoing treatments; or need to address the needs of multiple family members, up to 4 people, a 90- minute consultations are needed. 

60 - minutes, most popular: If you’re dealing with multiple or significant issues or are seeking a comprehensive assessment, the 60-min session is required to reach the depth and breadth of assessment and solutions. Two people’s issues can be addressed in a 60-minute consult. If you have more than two people’s needs, please choose the 90-min consult. 

30 - minutes, a check-in from a previous session: is best for a previous client who needs a touchstone and has 1-3 questions. This is for one person’s needs only.

Yes, Laura is happy to discuss a young adult’s or child’s condition(s) with a parent. She works frequently with the parents of young and older autistic individuals as well. She does not consult personally with anyone under the age of 25 years old.

She also works with adults who are in the care of or are concerned about their elderly parents with dementia, Alzheimers, those in comas, or challenged by stroke.

Yes, you can record your session using a digital recorder or any recording device of your choice.

Be in a quiet place. If the house isn’t quiet, some drive to a favorite park or safe parking lot. Please do not drive during your appointment. You need to be parked and safe. 

It’s recommenced you consider reading Laura’s book Intuitive Wellness and/or listen to her audio program, Unlocking Your Intuitive Power Both of these will help establish context.


At the time of your appointment, you’ll give Laura a call. Once you’ve paid for your session, you’ll receive an email with the necessary information to call Laura, including options for international clients.

All consults begin and end on time. While it is understood that emergencies occur, Laura will wait up to 15 min before the session will be canceled. There are no refunds on the missed session. Please give us 72 hours to notice if your schedule changes and we’ll reschedule your appointment. Please refer to Terms and Policies for additional information. 

Laura can accommodate a limited number of emergency appointments. Please email [email protected] to discuss an appointment within 48 hours or over a weekend. These appointments are at a premium fee.

If you need a business or corporate consult for organizational team members, VC assessments, and growth strategies please email: [email protected] 

Laura works with small business owners, as well as CEOs and senior executives in financial services, publishing, manufacturing, food packaging and distribution, motivational/self-help space, fashion industry, film/broadway, real estate development, national and international Fortune 50-500 companies.

Please email [email protected] We’re happy to help you.


When you book a consult with Laura, you acknowledge and agree that your choice to do so does not constitute a medical or therapeutic relationship; nor preclude you from seeking appropriate medical/health care. A Medical Intuitive is not able to diagnose your condition, prescribe, or predict.
If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or your personal heath care provider(s) - medical doctor, psychotherapist, dentist, or any other health care provider.
 By purchasing a consult you are agreeing to these terms and policies, taking full responsibility for your physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. Terms & Policies.