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With Be Healed Now, Laura Alden Kamm, best-selling author of, Intuitive Wellness, draws on her vast and comprehensive experience as a teacher and practitioner in Energy Medicine, hands-on and remote healing, medical and structural intuition since 1986.

She offers her most valuable insights for health care professionals, Energy Medicine practitioners, body workers, therapists, coaches, and anyone called to service as a healer. 

Healers require specific technical, spiritual, and conversationally supportive language that is their own, shared from someone with decades of daily feet-on-the-ground experience as a healer and teacher.

In this essential course for healers, Be Healed Now, Laura guides and instructs you as you explore: 

  • The four organic inquiries of healing
  • How to choose your path as a healer
  • How to explore your life, while aiding in your personal healing and simultaneously cultivate your gifted skills
  • What it takes to develop, trust, and accurately apply your intuition as a healer
  • Understanding psychic merging and how to protect yourself
  • How to stop energetic saturation and overload before it starts 
  • Discerning various ways to be that healing agent, without hurting yourself and others
  • How life organically instructs you as the healer
  • How to ease, if not shorten, your some of your learning curves as a healer
  • The Four Fundamental Tenets of a Healer 
  • Physical and energetic anatomy from a cross-cultural point of view  

With 14+ hours of essential trainings, insightful conversations, and healing visualizations you’ll experience your own healing and what it means to be a healer. Which path of healing should you choose? What is it like to be a professional day-to-day healer, year after year?

Now, there is an unparalleled pool of knowledge and wisdom for anyone wishing to develop, cultivate, and apply their spiritual and practical calling to serve as a healer: Laura Alden Kamm’s, Be Healed Now, your fundament guide to being and serving as a healer.

 You know your inner voice has been nudging you to take a deeper intuitive look at your own life and body. You want to understand how to reign in your intuitive skills and use them for yourself and to help others heal. You KNOW this!

Yet, why are you still not trusting your intuition and feel ungrounded in your own gifts? You’ve had great experiences coaching and helping others… but taking time to heal and know yourself ... not so much. How much can you really help others, until you know your OWN inner landscape?

You know you need more depth and precision with your intuitive skills and you're tired of the "hit or miss" style of intuitively-delivered information. 

 After all, you’ve been OM-ing, Tapping, and moving energy through layers of the stratosphere and healing symbols forever! Yet you’re exhausted and know you're just an arm length away from the intuitive healing precision of which you're capable.

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