Solve Problems and Choose Your Best Path By Gently, Accurately Moving Your Intuition Beyond Time and Space $297.00

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πŸ€“ 🀫 πŸ™„ πŸ€” πŸ™„  No more second guessing!

You will be expertly guided, step-by-step in my time-tested method - Intuitive Time Tracking.β„ 

Experientially, I'll set you up for success in various ways:

  • Developing a confident connection 
  • Perceive likelihood of manifestation - aren't you tired of not manifesting your intentions? There's a BIG reason. 
  • Gain accuracy in your interpretations
  • Application of these skills in everyday life and various circumstances

This practical framework I'm sharing can open your intuitive skills and gifts even more. 

Soooo, register for the training now. Then, grab your laptop; and pick out your most comfy spot for this high altitude teaching!

  • WHY: Because it's time to step into the depth I know you have so you can take care of your self, your family, your work in the world, and others along the way.
  • WHAT: This training is highly experiential and will focus on intuitive skill building insofar as timing perception. It is an interactive 3 - Hours of training with Q & A and learning even more through inquiring minds and hearts.  
  • WHEN:  We will meet Thursday August, 4th between 1 - 4pm Eastern Daylight Time. This way our friends around the world can join in the transformation.
  • HOW:  You'll access the Livestream via your computer, smartphone, tablet, or call in via your phone. You'll receive several emails prior to the Training with all the information you'll need. You can contact the office at: [email protected] if you have any questions.

Understanding and learning how to discern Right Timing and gain the ability to track it is incredibly helpful in sustained seasons of evolution. It's an essential teaching for all of us; especially, those in the Holistic Healing Arts, Empaths,  Life & Spiritual Coaches, Therapist and Healers in all disciplines.


REGISTER NOW - $297.00

Register Now For Only - $297.00 for Lifetime Access + Program Updates + Bonus Material

Get Ready To Experience...

 Divine Downloads Filled With Remembrance & Clarity 

Gain Skill Navigating Various Structures & Integrations of Energy Through Movement

Ignite Your Power Through Transformative Experiences 

Newly Heightened Skills, Clear Direction and Mindful Manifesting 

Register Now For Only - $297.00

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Livestream Login Information

We use Zoom as our Livestream platform. You can join from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Your unique Livestream link and dial-in information will be in your course material in the Program Gallery. You'll receive your program login info when you register. 

Lifetime Access 

+ 48 hour Replays  

You'll be notified by email as replays are delivered within 48 hours of the Livestream. Your program materials are mindfully organized in your the private Program Gallery. You'll have 24/7 access to explore and work with the material. 

Awesome Community Forum

Join other healers, intuitives, wellness practitioners and spiritually-inspired seekers in our non-Facebook private forum. You'll be inspired, as you connect, support one another, dive in and develop unique friendships around the world. 

Videos + PDF Practices

Downloadable PDFs can accompany some Livestreams. If so, they will be placed in your Program Gallery. Livestreams are thematic and structured teachings. Laura's teachings and method-based from her life long pursuits and professional work. Visualizations in the Livestreams are spontaneous in real time. 

Register Now For Only - $297.00 for Lifetime Access + Program Updates + Bonus Material




 These time require clarified intuitive messages, so you can create a soul-directed plan that works for each season of your life. Connect with your inner guidance whenever and wherever you are. Join me for this  transformation skill development training, along with bonus Q & A from the Live event. All of which will help you move forward with steadiness and clarity. ...that will feel so great!

About  Laura Alden Kamm


Laura is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, medical intuitive, best-selling author, hostess of The Voice of Intuition Podcast and mentor to many. She is known for her transformative teachings. "Laura's wit and compassion are surpassed only by her unparalleled intuitive precision."

She's a "blind seer" in the literal and classical sense.

Laura’s intuitive abilities to assess structures and to travel from soul to self to cell and back again, set her work apart. For forty years, she's been a pioneer in the the fields of Functional Medical Intuition and Applied Energy Healing; experiential mysticism and conscious human evolution. She is a near-death experiencer brought about by a sudden illness, which left her partially blind. 

Laura was one of forty healers to participate in a multi-year study on long-distance healing for HIV/AIDS patients. Laura is a trusted guide and mentor to countless numbers of people in over 140 countries.She has been a guest on numerous major television networks, national and international magazines.