Three Elements of Enlightenment

Flower ForsythiaLife is about love and creative expression. There are no mistakes; not from your soul’s point of view. Challenges and problems, suffering and difficult times are no fun; yet, there are an opportunity for the soul and your personality to meet – face to face, so to speak. To find a solution. To weather the storm.  To discover a rainbow, embedded within soaked tensions.

Through the power of your intuition – the innate vehicle of communication between your soul and personality – you will receive the information needed during challenging times. You will receive information that brings light and comfort to what may feel dark and sullen.

Use your intuition along with your intellect. You’re more powerful, alert, and focused that way. From that balanced place, you can marshal the virtues of courage and kindness to keep moving forward. Applying kindness, along with self-love and appreciation, toward yourself and toward what’s bugging you. This is the quest at hand.

It is our ability to stay awake in the midst of tougher times that builds our spiritual gifts, along with personal character. To love. To create. To stay awake. To be calm.
To achieve that wakeful state of presence and connection, it’s helpful to understand and work with three of the primary principles of evolving consciousness; what I call the “Elements of Enlightenment.”

Three of these primary Elements of Enlightenment are – Open, Align, Transcend. These three are the bedrock upon which your spiritual growth is formed, delivered, and propelled. Without these three Elements, we stay stuck. We stay asleep. Our consciousness will not evolve in the robust way in which it can.

It is not necessarily the conquering of the problem or the striving for wakefulness; you are either awake or not. There is only cultivation; no striving. It is about the manner in which we go about the journey.

That is the purpose of our life. To figure this stuff out, with loving-kindness, and evolve – sharing with others an invitation to awaken without agenda.

You might ask, “Am I OPEN to my life?”  “Am I truly ALIGNED with who I am?”  “And if I am, do I have the trust, faith, and power to know that I will TRANSCEND what has kept me stuck … and asleep?”

Through these three Elements, and inquires, you will rise. Employing love, kindness, creativity, imagination, you can bring solutions to your challenges and, perhaps, some much needed inspiration and relief out into the world.

When we sink deep into the funnel of a challenge, gathering the strength of our hearts and the fire in our bellies, we can conquer anything. We are pillowed by the comfort of our soul. You are a soul, after all. Nothing is beyond your reach. Seriously. Nothing.

Next time you’re facing a problem and the natural state of confusion sets in, sit back for a moment and ponder. “Am I OPEN to what’s happening?”  “Am I ALIGNED with myself, or did if fall off my own personal radar?”  “Do have I have enough faith in my abilities to TRANSCEND this?” (I’m speaking of a level of transcendence that is tied to your evolution, regardless of outcome.)

Ask yourself, “What is really happening here?” “If I could ask my soul what the solution is for this challenge, what I might hear, see, feel, and know?” “Am I being kind to myself in figuring this out?” “Am I being compassionate to the situation or toward others who are involved?”

Be willing to dive deep within. Allow the solution to arise from within the gut of the confusion. You may not like it at first; however, you will feel more powerful leaning into the problem. By leaning in, the solution will come. Organically, it will surface. When you hide from the issue, the solution remains shadowed.

There is no right or wrong answer. There is no comparing your journey to another’s. This is your life. Live it. Live it well. Live it happy.

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