I created the SoulWorking series because, "Life is a working vacation for the soul." These courses are an ever-growing collection of the work I have lived and died and lived again to teach. They are soul-stirring, Spirit-awakening, inspirational, and core training programs for your personal growth and holistic healing. They will open you to your truest self; align and build your unique talents and gifts, and support your path of service to others.

2019 Spring & Summer Webinar Series

The Art of Becoming a Medical Intuitive

Join Laura for this compelling inner journey of intuitive skill building. This is a highly experiential eight hour live seminar series. The series  begins on Monday, February 18th, 20th, 25th, and 27th, 2019 


Professional Training in Medical Intuition

Learn the structure, science and service oriented nature of medical intuition. This is a 2 month training based on Laura's 40 years as a globally-respected teacher & practitioner in Energy Medicine & Medical Intuition. 

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The Structure of Intuition

To trust your intuition requires your understanding of its architecture, infrastructures, and systems. This fun  and experiential webinar series is an instructive and soulful journey to open, align, and reset your true North. 


Previous Courses

A Powerful Course for Personal Healing & Change

This is a power, self-paced program for Holistic Healers and anyone who finds themselves in a caretaking role. This 9-Step, 38 Lesson program covers anatomy - energetic and physical. There are visualizations in each Step that escort your deep within your body and energy systems, revealing areas of strength and those areas that need attention. The bonus visualization, based on Laura's near-death experience, takes you to a new place within your soul. Practice-filled pdfs, meditations, visualizations, self-care tools, and a cross-cultural perspective on healing fill this course.

"Be Healed Now is worth its weight in gold. It has transformed my perspective about  healing for myself and how I support others. Thank you Laura!"

- Dr. Christine Deitz


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