intuitive_wellnessIntuitive Wellness

Using Your Body's Inner Wisdom to Heal
I wrote Intuitive Wellness to take you beyond the theories of Medical Intuition and give you healing tools that you can immediately apply in your life--Tools that awaken you spiritually, heal you emotionally and physically, and increase your overall intuition.

Our mind is our only infinite resource
I recorded this audio program because many believe that only a rare few possess legitimate intuitive ability. As well, people are not yet connecting to the enormous, and truly infinite, power that one’s intuitive facility provides. You can discover the answer any question when you listen to your inner wisdom. “Our mind is our only infinite resource. It is our most profound resource for problem solving and creating opportunities in our lives. Our intuition is the direct line to Source.
Audio CD

intuitive_power-500Unlocking Your Intuitive Power

How to Read the Energy of Anything
We are all innately gifted with powerful intuition. On Unlocking Your Intuitive Power: How to Read the Energy of Anything, I offer you a full-length audio course and study guide to help you learn to read energy and begin to understand its many structures. You will learn to access insights for healing, your life purpose, relationships and more. I know it will help you see yourself and your intuitive abilities in a new light.
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Laura Alden Kamm is an internationally respected teacher, speaker, and author. While studying architecture in her mid-twenties, a near-death experience, caused by spinal meningitis and brain abscesses, transformed her life. Through her personal experiences, academic, and life-long studies in Buddhism, anthropology (emphasizing cross-cultural healing methods), social-psychology, and philosophy she is an innovator ....

Become a Medical Intuitive

lak B&w oatmeal swtr necklace side shotLaura Alden Kamm’s ONLINE COURSE
This powerful ten-lesson course is designed specifically for individuals who have a compelling interest to explore, develop and strengthen their intuitive abilities in the fields of Energy Medicine and Medical Intuition.

CALMING THE VAGUS NERVE - for deep relaxation and healing






Creating Deep Relaxation and Healing with Calming the Vagus Nerve - On-demand Streaming

Enjoy the sample of this visualization as you invoke the power of inner well-being by calming and healing the Vagus Nerve — one of the most important nerves in your body.

Create peace within, foster intuitive awareness, and master of your empathic energy. This visualization will illuminate the powerful connection between your soul, mind, and nervous system to create peace within yourself, your relationships, and your world.

Are you ready to leave overwhelm, conflict, and hyper-sensitivity behind, as you manifest a kinder relationship with your body and the energy of the world around you?

Embarking on this healing and illuminating visualization, you will tap into the wellness of your inner sanctuary and experience the gentle inner stream of healing energy that moves through your body and nervous system. This deeply relaxing visualization sends ripples of ease and calm through your body and ultimately your life. 

Join Laura as you awaken the unshakable healing power of your bod's wisdom and self-compassion as you listen to Calming the Vagus Nerve … for deep relaxation and healing. Length: 21:12

About Digital On-Demand Products: With digital on-demand products, you can enjoy the complete online visualization of meditation experience anytime or anywhere. You can view this program from multiple devices — smartphone, tablet, or your home computer by logging into your online membership library. This is a non-refundable product. 

Coming Into Wholeness - Live Streaming






Reclaim your energy and heal past hurts with Coming Into Wholeness - Live Streaming

It’s time to take charge and reclaim your energy, your wellness, and your personal power.

In life, we can lose our way. Our energy feels depleted and drained. Sometimes it’s due to a tough breakup or a divorce. Perhaps your work environment has become challenging. Or maybe you’ve let others run your life, giving away your energy and power to choose for yourself.

With kindness and energetic precision, this healing visualization will escort you through the process of calling back your energy from people, places, and events that have been difficult, even traumatizing. Throughout the healing experience, you will be guided by your body’s wisdom and held in protective arms of the heavens.

Coming Into Wholeness is specifically designed to release old embedded energy from others, such as the painful impacts of past relationships. It will help reposition your body’s energy back where it belongs — inside of you. This healing visualization brings you home; home to yourself. A home that is whole, vibrant, and clear. 

Join Laura as you awaken the unshakable, manifesting power to heal, reclaim your energy and personal power, while coming back to your authentic self.
Length: 17:00 minutes.

About Digital, On-Demand Products: With digital, on-demand products, you can enjoy the complete experience of online visualization of meditation, anytime or anywhere. You can view this program from multiple devices including your smartphone, tablet or home computer by logging into your online membership library. This is a non-refundable product. This product is not available in a CD.