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“Laura has profound compassion. Her hands and heart are healing instruments for the world. I am deeply moved by her gentle and wise presence”

The Honorable David Marshall
Former Foreign Prime Minister of Singapore


"Laura Alden Kamm's voice of transcendent wisdom and compassion will be heard. Intuitively, she shines a gentle, yet penetrating, light into the darkest recess of our soul, bringing light to our own belovedness."

Iyanla Vanzant
Author, TV Host, Inspirational Teacher


“Laura’s training session for our Integrative Medical group have been absolutely invaluable. She has truly brought each of us to a new level, as healers. She’s helps us learn to facilitate people’s healing process in ways we never imagined we could. The improvements we’ve seen in our patients is living proof. “

Melanie Fernandi, Lac
Columbia Integrative Medicine Program.


“Laura Alden Kamm is a rare genius in the healing arts. She truly has a gift – a gift of vision and healing powers. I highly recommend her work and her books.”

Mannie L. Jackson
Owner/CEO Harlem Globetrotters International, Inc.


“As a holistic physician well versed in energy medicine, I highly recommend Laura Alden Kamm as an impressive healer and teacher. Laura is exceptionally accurate in reading the specific energies of disorder in my most challenging patients. She is exceptionally consistent too. I know I can rely upon her expertise. As I have studied with her I whole heartedly recommend her excellent workshops.”

Dr. Mark Hoch
2003 President, American Holistic Medical Association
Minnesota, USA


Dear Laura,

Upon awakening this morning I was drafting in my mind's eye a letter to you. So here it is. First, I want to begin by telling you how much I appreciate the reading I had with you a few weeks ago. It has truly changed my life!

I feel so much more en-powered with clarity since we spoke. I've reviewed most of the exercises you sent and taking them slowly. I began my daily practice of meditation again and began to incorporate physical activity a few times a week.

I thought it would be a good idea for me to review all that we went over during the reading. Upon listening I began to cry, and had such a heart opening. It felt like for the first time in my life someone really understood my struggle.

I want you to know that I have set an intention and vow to you, that I will refer others to you with complete confidence that the money they will spend will be the best investment they will ever make.

My hope is that Spirit will continue to bless you with your many gifts.

With love and blessings,

Angela V


devincent_familyLaura Kamm’s special gifts, insight, and humility has helped every single member of our family. She is true gift from heaven. We would encourage every person to take advantage of her special talent and skill. You will be very glad you did!

Thank You Very Much For Your Help Laura,

Warmest Regards,

The DeVincent Family


My experience with Laura was eye-opening and set me on the right path. She helped give me the information that I needed and clarify my thinking on some large problems that I had been struggling with. Thank you so much Laura, I feel better able to make some life decisions!

K. S.
National Geographic



I just wanted to say thanks. I attended the A.R.E. lecture and bought your book. I can't begin to tell you what a difference it has made in how I feel, use and view energy medicine. You’re the best. Thanks again,



Hi Laura,

I just want to say a hear felt thank you for the work that you did with me the other day, it was beyond what I expected, and what I've experienced in other readings, its resolved health worries I've had and feared for along time (blackouts) opened me up to a new perspective of where I'm going and what I'm here to achieve. It’s great to feel empowered and to go ahead with purpose.

United Kingdom


Dear Laura,

We talked in 2006 when I had a mysterious lung disease. Everything you said ended up being true for me and for my husband. It dragged on for over a year but, thankfully we are more of less back to normal now. Your reading was one of the big positives in that process and you have my deep appreciation. This is wonderful work! Many blessings,

Florida, USA



The last two times we've talked about him, you've mentioned that there was something vague in his DNA that you wondered about. You kept mentioning to get more in-depth testing than we had done. Well, now there's an answer. We went to a geneticist at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) last month - and three year old Greg was positively and definitively diagnosed as a child with Kabuki Syndrome. Kabuki Syndrome is very rare (probably less than 1000 worldwide) and is not indicated by any type of blood test or traditional genetic markers. The doctors do know there is something slightly aberrational in the chromosomes, but the exact marker has not yet been identified. So…(no surprise at all), you were absolutely right on with the "something vague" going on with him. Even the doctors used your same term, ‘something vague’ in the way the chromosome presents. Heart-felt thanks.

M. M.
Colorado, USA


I just learned that my sister's blood pressure was so low that the surgeon almost did not do the operation....I checked my notes from our talk and had written down "blood pressure might be a problem".......thought you might want to know that.

Florida, USA


“Laura’s book A Step-By-Step Guide To Intuitive Wellness is a wonderful tool for healing! I couldn’t put it down! I wanted to know all I could bout my body and mind and its connection. It was all in her book, plus fabulous exercises to strengthen the flow. Laura is a gift to the world.”

Jyl Steinback
“America’s Healthiest Mom”, author of ten best selling FAT FREE Living Cookbooks Series
Arizona, USA


“A few years ago, Laura had been recommended to me regarding assessing/healing an on-going sequence of parasites I had contracted via contaminated food and water. Even the doctor-prescribed antibiotics couldn’t eradicate it. FACT: Laura Alden Kamm removed that parasite in one brief healing session. When I met Laura and before lying down on her healing table, she said something to me – about me – that no one in the world - except me - knew anything about. (Having lived in several spiritual communities across the country and being naturally suspicious of people who claimed they were psychic (and often weren’t), I decided to test Laura’s considerable talent with a couple of trick questions. The first was in regard to my best woman friend, Mary W.)

“OK. Tell me about Mary, Laura,” I said warily.

“Well, which Mary are you talking about, John – the tall one with the short hair or the short one with the longer hair (my ex-wife, Mary M.)?” (I was flabbergasted that she knew there were at least two Mary’s in my life to chose from. So, I fully intended to trick her with my subsequent question …)

“Soooo, Laura,” I added. Tell me about D’Arneill. Do I need to spell his name for you? It’s kind of unusual.”

“Oh, no, John, you don’t need to spell it. He was your best friend when you were in the record business. He sure died young, didn’t he?” Laura said.

“D’Arneill was my deceased, best friend from our music industry days. Enough said, Laura Alden Kamm is the genuine article.”

John Florez
CEO Wisdom Voyager—character education software for children; record producer of multiple nationally charted gold and platinum records for clients which included: A&M, Arista, Capitol, CBS, Elektra, RCA and Warner Brothers Records.

Arizona, USA


“Three days later, after talking to Laura about a patient with breast cancer, the results arrived. In every single place Laura had said there was cancer [there was]—it was exactly where she said, down to the size and shape…”.

Dr. Mark Hoch
As quoted in an article from PrimeTime Health
Minnesota, USA


“Laura possesses a rare ability to discern people’s problems because she can “see” into their bodies whether they are in front of her or afar. She has accurately done this for friends of mine who were thousands of miles away. The most impressive one was when she accurately saw the size, location and encapsulations of a relative’s cancer. Her [Laura’s] findings were subsequently verified by the operating surgeon.

C. Theisen
Corporate Executive Officer
Arizona, USA


"Laura Alden Kamm intuited the date of my baby's birth three years before he was even conceived! Her insight has seen me through many physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Her magnificent "second sight" is fueled by a startling compassion that makes me feel safer in the world. Quite simply, she's the most transcendent individual I have ever met and my life is enriched just knowing that she graces the planet."

Vivian Glyck
Founder, Just Like My Child Foundation


“In this remarkable book, Laura Alden Kamm has shown us her own journey and given us ways in which we too, can participate in this transformational process. I truly believe that we are in a time when all of us, if we choose, can access the healing power that is within our bodies, our minds and our spirits.”

Gladys Taylor McGarey M.D., M.D. (H)
Author, Co-Founder of the Americian Holistic Medical Association


"Laura Alden Kamm is one of those rare spirits who can continually reach into realms many of us only accidentally hover near. Her intuitive sense, ability to comfort and empathetic gift of vision has personally brought me through some of the most trying moments of my life."

Corey Deitz
About.com Feature Writer - Radio Personality, Clear Channel Communications


“Laura Alden Kamm has a gift for helping us see what has been hidden. She opens the passageway to healing our lives with her knowledge, kind and gentle guidance, and loving presence. Laura's unique intuitive skills are the "cutting edge" of Energy Medicine in the 21st Century. She is leading the way for the healing medicine of our time!”

Diana Hunt, Ph.D.
Author of the Healing of Cancer CD and Soul Medicine Series


“Laura is the most remarkable person! She has helped me in ways that no other person or spirit could have helped. Her remarkable talent and intuitive insight diagnosed an illness before the medical community could locate the problem. Further more, Laura's energy exercises helped me recover more rapidly than other women who suffer from the same disease. Laura is a precious blessing to anyone who wants to grow spiritually or develop his or her own unique talents and gifts. It is so exciting that she is sharing her gifts with all of the people of the world.”

Christine D., MA
Educator, National Award Winner for Gifted Education Curriculum
Arkansas, USA


“Laura Alden Kamm is one of the most gifted healers and intuitives I have ever known. I always leave sessions with Laura feeling wonderfully renewed, incredibly re-energized and with an exciting sense of increased clarity and focus! Huge transformations take place in my life. Her sessions are like floating on a cloud. Her unconditional love fills me up and inspires me on many levels!! Laura has the medical intuition & ability to heal the body, spirit and mind. It's just an amazing cleansing. I always feel like I can conquer the world after a session! I pray more people can have this experience!"

Laurie Martin
Author of Smile Across Your Heart


“Laura’s abilities are incredible. I would put her on the healing level of an Edgar Casey. My personal experience of Laura is extraordinary; I went in skeptically because of my work. I find many people who claim to be a healer, intuitive or clairvoyant. Laura was able to tell me things about my family, its history, and me personally that she could not have been able to guess. On a physical level after working on me, I had the feeling that a two hour deep tissue massage had just taken place and there was difficulty walking. This happened even though she only gently touched my body.”

Theresa Cordova
Arizona, USA


“After hitting my head on a paint can when I fell from a ladder, I spent three days in intensive care. I then began to experience lose of balance and dizziness. I, like many of my male friends, I was against letting anyone lay their hands on my body. The exception for me is Laura Kamm. I had met Laura at a workshop she conducted to teach participants how to perfect their own intuitive powers. There I developed a trust in her because of her gentle, loving, intuitive nature. I wanted her to put her hands on my head to help me. After 10 minutes with her I knew my head would return to normal, which it has. Thanks Laura!

Albert McCommas
Arizon, USA


“Laura has the ability to give each person exactly what he/she needs to know at any specific moment in time. Her talents combine with her unconditional love to create a safe space from which each client can choose to see his/her existence more clearly and completely. One session with Laura can have a permanent and profound impact.”

Carol Snyder, B.A., O.M.


“Laura Kamm has generously provided our family with calm, direct, and accurate information in times of medical distress or crisis. Her insights have helped give a broader context to traditional medical diagnostics, helping us find greater resonance within our physical body.”

Dr. Robert Kaplan, Ph.D.
Educator, musician, author


"From the moment I met Laura, she started making a profound difference in my life. Her teachings have helped me to reach a place within myself I never knew existed and has helped me find an inner peace I had been looking for. Laura's talents are her gift, and I feel blessed that she has shared her gift with me."

Lidia B.
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


"In addition to her amazing psychic abilities, there is a spiritual centeredness to Laura, which grounds and uplifts me. Whether I'm reading her book, or experiencing her in person, Laura consistently shifts me to a higher place."

Ann McCommas
Founder, Director AIM (Attitudes, Insight, Motivation) Seminars


You gave me an amazing reading 5 years ago when I was trying to get pregnant. You told me that there was a baby boy waiting for me. I did get pregnant and I did have a baby boy.

Best regards,

Oregon, USA