It is known, medically, as homonymous hemianopsia. Whenever I look at anything—a mountain, a city street, my own face or body in the mirror—I see half of it. I can move and track my eyes, but the direct vision always reflects only a portion of the total view. When my eyes move to the right after I’ve written or typed a letter, everything I have just written sinks into the abyss and I cannot see it.


In this picture, the blind area is illustrated as white. In actuality, for me, there is nothing there—no white, no black, no color of any kind—simply emptiness. It is through this portal of emptiness that I have learned to send my mind to simply be, or to actively traverse and discover aspects of our world that have always been there, but have thus far escaped my attention. We all have the ability to do this level of investigation. You do not need to go blind or die to experience it.

The universe is teeming with information and activity; yet, we see only that which is physically displayed. Simply because we cannot physically see or touch something does not mean that it does not exist. The microscope and telescope proved this to be true.

As a result of my physical blindness, the intuitive abilities I had as a child, which shut down at age sixteen, came roaring back. Perhaps now I see a more accurate reflection of the physics and spirituality of our world. The two intrinsically progress toward oneness in all things even though they may, for the moment, appear separate. It is similar to the way in which we physically see. We have two eyes and both have a unique scale and scope of vision. When they visually merge, there is unity. Science and spirit have always been merged into a universe of infinite unity. We are continually discovering the intersections of perception that allow us to experience that level of truth.

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My blindness has given me a gift beyond anything I could have dreamed. I have been blessed with the ability to see the particles and colors that emanate from the consciousness of love between a parent and child, and the energetic structures and encapsulated potential displayed as dancing particles, waves, and ribbons of color in a blooming flower. Imagine what a forest looks like just prior to springtime. I am able to experience the rolling waves of particles and undulating striations of massive energy as it rolls away from a mountain miles away. Truly, I can see and feel the Rocky Mountains hundreds of miles away from the Front Range. These experiences are treasures beyond measure.

My work as a medical intuitive also brings me in to contact with the structures of sadness, grief, and disease. More importantly, it brings me into direct contact with the soul of another human being. In my view, there is nothing more precious than that. To experience the soulful potential and gifts of other human beings; to see what they are here to do; and to be able to assist them in awakening to their journey is, for me, a gift beyond life itself.