Meditation for Cultivating Serenity

Today I want to invite you to sit with me. Meditation is important to our wellness, the cultivation of a softer mind, and helps us develop a more exacting relationship with our intuition. 

Here are several tips I’ve learned along my 30 plus year, curvy path of meditation.

Our minds are like the old Steve Martin skit from Saturday Night Live — “wild and crazy guys.” The unruly lot of thoughts that pinch, poke, and nudge us continuously can feel larger than they are. And that can feel very overwhelming. 

As you come to your sitting practice, you will bring various temperaments.  thank goodness sitting helps us develop an internal steadiness to calm our mental waves. As a result, we can become stronger. A sense of inner courage can arise and support us from the inside out; even when we are feeling blue, angry, or experiencing moments of weakness. 

Meditation assists us in compassionately opening our hearts; to be more present to our lives.  With an open heart, we can view what is there, right in front of us, with a softer mind. Paradoxically, as our mind becomes softer, we become more steady. With a steady mind, we have an opportunity to intuitively perceive what is not, perhaps, so visually or physically clear in the moment.

Our attention toward the moment increases, as reactiveness begins to dissolve into a more friendly awareness and neutral state of observation. This is a rich quality that enhances our lives, as well as our spiritual and intuitive discernment. 

Lastly, for today, I want to talk about something I call the “willow mind.” When I was a little girl, I’d scale the ladder into the tree house my brother built. Our willow tree was old, gigantic, and graceful. I’d sit on the upper platform and my mind and spirit would bend and softly sway with the cascading branches that hid me from other’s view.

Back and forth. Swirling and flowing. There appeared to be no place of beginning. No place to end. No place toward which my mind needed to rush. When thoughts arose, they seemed more nimble, calm, and less harsh. Cultivating a willow mind, is a helpful ally. 

Enjoy the mediation above. It has music embedded in it, so it is not a standard Vipassansa sit. It is, nonetheless, an opportunity to sit within one’s self …. and with me. And I with you. I trust, this will cultivate serenity, a softer mind, and open heart.

With love, 


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