Medical Intuition Unmuted

I just began a field experiment. I’m creating 90 days of audios entitled, Medical Intuition Unmuted. Here’s Day 1. I’m sharing tips, experiences, and guidelines for those who are interested in healing, the healing arts, and specifically medical intuition. I couldn’t have imaged a more miraculous life; witnessing the layers of our bodies, energy, and the cohesive ever-present power of our souls.

I’ll be talking about what it looks like to observe the miraculous light show that occurs when a baby’s energy entrains with its mother’s. What a visionary’s brain looks like. The pathway to connect to the purpose and power of your soul through your heart. How  people in relationships connect and what that looks like energetically — functionally and dysfunctionally. Who is taking, giving away, and loosing power. What it’s like to move into the cells of your immune system, listening to the emotional intelligence of your body’s vital protective system. What it’s like to view an enlightened heart. And what are the structures of energy that set up wellness or illness. The Four Intelligence’s of the body. I’ll share what I call, an Empath’s Doppler Radar, and so much more.

Along with descriptions, I’ll be sharing some how to’s. It’s unscripted. Unplugged, Unmuted. And hopefully will demystify the art of intuitively discerning structures in and around the body, helping you connect and heal yourself.

I’ve been in the fields of Energy Medicine and Structural and Medical Intuition for nearly 40 years, 38 to be exact. The world needs more medical intuitives to help support people in their wellness journeys. I’ll be posting the occasional audio here in the Newsletter. They will all be on my website, No sign up. No cost. They start rolling out on November 1st, 2017.

I chose an audio format because I’d like you to listen with your intuitive eyes and heart; and not be distracted by visuals. Like me when I go into a session, I want you to go within.

A lot can happen in 90 days. We’ll see where we end up!


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