intuitive_wellnessIntuitive Wellness

Using Your Body’s Inner Wisdom to Heal
I wrote Intuitive Wellness to take you beyond the theories of Medical Intuition and give you healing tools that you can immediately apply in your life–Tools that awaken you spiritually, heal you emotionally and physically, and increase your overall intuition.

Intuitive Wellness will bring you into greater awareness of your innate wisdom–your intuition. Through the experiential exercises included in Intuitive Wellness, you will be given tools with which you will descover, explore and put into use this most natural ability. The methods shared with you are time-tested, and if you fully commit to yourself and your homework, you will hone your intuitive skills and gifts to the point where you can, most assuredly, use your intuition for your life and wellness. To your life!

What will I learn from Intuitive Wellness?

  1. The basic premises behind how to develop your intuition, energy and energetic structure(s).
  2. To discover your intuitive learning preference through which you can most easily access your intuitive wisdom.
  3. To learn to commit to your intuitive wisdom, building trust and confidence.
  4. To feel more balanced, calmer and able to handle daily and sudden stress with more ease and greater intuitively-driven clarity.
  5. To listen more attentively to your body, mind and soul, via your intuition, through which you will discover, more deeply, the relationship between energy, emotions, and physiological wellness and how to intuitively manage it all.

Intuitive Wellness is not a substitute for appropriate medical treatment. It is an educational guide from which you can learn to access your own innate wisdom; therefore, assist you in gaining deeper understanding of yourself and your situation.

In this remarkable book, Laura Alden Kamm has shown us her journey and given us ways in which we, too, can participate in this transformational process. I truly believe that we are in a time when all of us, if we choose, can access the healing power that is within our bodies, our minds and our spirits.

– Gladys Taylor McGarey, M.D., M.D.(H)