Your Personal Consultation with Laura

“My intention with every consultation is to offer you clarity, direction, and peace of mind.”
Laura Alden Kamm

30-minute consultation – $395.00 (For exisiting clients only) 

60-minute consultation – $595.00 

  • Laura’s schedule tends to book out in advance.
  • Laura also provides in-depth coverage of multiple areas of your life and life’s circumstance. Those with longstanding, mysterious, or chronic conditions to which there have been few answers provided by traditional therapeutic routes prefer the longer session length.
  • Laura can speak with a parent regarding their child, without the child being present. The same is true regarding her ability to discern issues for your elderly parent or an infirm or comatose loved one.
  • All appointments are conducted over the phone. Skype (audio only) is available for international clients.
  • Please inform Laura’s office regarding the category for which you wish to have her guidance – medical intuition and wellness, business or personal/spiritual development.
  • Please note: Medical intuitive, business, buildings, structures, and land are not intertwined in one session. They require different levels of Laura’s intuitive attention and are separate appointments. Spirituality and personal growth tend to organically weave into every session.
  • Unfortunately, Laura is not able to accommodate free or reduced-fee clientele. Feel free to sign up for Laura’s Blog  and be the first to hear about Laura’s upcoming seminars, online programs, or podcasts. 


  1. It’s recommended that you read Laura’s book - Intuitive Wellness, using your body’s inner wisdom to heal It will provide a framework for your work with Laura, and provide you with beneficial practices included in the book.
  2. If possible, schedule some time that will be used after your appointment for reflection.
  3. Recording the session – you may record the session by placing the call on speakerphone and using a recording device.
  4. Decide which areas of your life you wish to discuss with Laura: health and wellness; relationships; spiritual growth and development; career and life goals, location, life and business strategies or opportunities.
  5. After each session, if applicable, Laura will offer various handouts of practices and exercises. These are dove-tailed specifically for you and the condition(s) with which you are dealing. They will assist you with personal growth and healing.
  6. Missed appointments are non-refundable.

PAYMENTS PayPal is the method of payment. You don't need a PayPal account to use their system; any credit card is acceptable. All sessions are prepaid. Fees are subject to change without notice.

SCHEDULING AND CANCELLATION POLICIES All consultations are prepaid. Please call Laura at your scheduled time on the phone number or skype address provided. Laura will wait up to 15 min for your call and then the appointment will be cancelled if we don't hear from you. While we understand that sudden situations arise, there are no refunds on missed appointments without a 24 hour notice. If you have questions or concerns, or need to reschedule your appointment, please email or

MEDICAL INTUITIVE DISCLAIMER When you book an appointment with Laura, you acknowledge and agree that working with Laura does not prevent or preclude you from seeing a medical doctor or psychotherapist. Working with Laura is not a medical, psychological, or clinical relationship. A Medical Intuitive cannot legally diagnose your condition and prescribe treatment. If you are experiencing what you perceive to be a severe or sudden medical condition, please call 911, your family physician, dentist, psychotherapist, or go to the nearest emergency room. Laura strongly advises that you seek appropriate medical and mental health care, in addition to any work that you may undertake with her.

Laura’s work may well assist your doctor in locating a source for your condition; she frequently works with physicians. In addition, Laura’s work may complement cases where Western Medicine has given up, or its progress seems unusually slow. Holistic Medicine and Allopathic Medicine are not mutually exclusive, but rather the latter keeps all approaches and points of view in awareness. For more information, please see the Laura’s Medical Intuition FAQ. Medical Intuitive clients are often referred to other means of health care, including: Allopathic, Alternative, and Complementary forms of medicine.