Experience the Power of Energy Healing and Your Spirit-Inspired Intuition

I’m really excited about the material I’m offering in this Online Seminar and Training. I hope you’ll join me!

In this Four-Part Online Seminar we will, discuss and work through practices that will…

— Help you go beyond your current level of intuitive skill and broaden your reach.

— Address personal issues that healers and intuitives often have; over-working, burnout, addictions and over-helping. And that feeling of being lost….

— Bring you back to your transcendence self. Remembering that you have a different perceptual lens than others, will bring you a deep sense of peace.

—  Reconnect to the heart and soul of what you are and who you are here to be.

—  Reveal and harness The Rebel HealerTM within you and learn what to do with that power of transformation, advocacy and productivity.

— and more….

Healing is a simple process, which doesn’t mean it’s easy or curative. I believe your skills are beyond method and technique, as you are a soul first and a human being second. This is where I hope to take you. Then, you can apply any technique you desire to your newly birthed connection to this truer part of yourself.



You have the power.

My intention is to help reignite this organic power ensconced within your heart and let it flow through your body and into your hands where it belongs.


Healing and Energy Medicine have been embedded within human history since the dawn of man. From superstition-laced primitive practices to rituals threaded with mysticism, secrecy and reflective of the connective tissues within cultures and nature; to sophisticated methods, techniques and technologies, Energy Medicine has been used in a variety of forms throughout time.

In America during the early 1900’s, physicians and practitioners working with the Energy Medicine methods of that time, suddenly became persona non-grata, as allopathic medicine’s educational system and scientific theories became more standardized and enforced by law. Much good has come from this change and modern medical advancements. Yet, as time predicts, the pendulum swings back again to find a new perspective — treating the whole person. Energy Medicine and a focus on healing the self is returning for a timely integrative encore.

…and just in time.

The automatization of, well, everything — robotics, smart phones, artificial intelligence, automated shopping, homes, factories, cars, etc. — are awakening this burgeoning internal counterpoint within us.

Self-awareness and healing is an integral part of our evolution, lest we become consumed by the automaton wave, which is currently sweeping humanity into a new and unforgiving place from which we may or may not return.


After all, there is only so much emotional isolation, dopamine-generating “Likes,” chemical saturation, and piercing tech frequencies a soft-celled organic creature like we humans can withstand.

The generations alive today are, what I refer to as, “The Fulcrum Generations.” We have the opportunity to create pivotal changes, which are congruent and integrated. Or if we do nothing, accelerated high-tech living can incite a not-so-user-friendly tipping point.

Fortunately, we are uncovering our true nature again. Nature itself, wellness, spiritual seeking, and coming home to one’s self is on deck. It’s essential to once again integrate self-healing along with techniques in Energy Medicine in order for us to continue the journey to self, society, and soul.

The nearing horizon is an integrative one with Energy Medicine, intuition, and spirituality emerging from the “magical-thinking shadows”, globally and generationally and being infused into the mainstream. You and I are a part of that change, step by step. The question remains, “How will you participate?”

What can you and I do as individuals as mega movements of technology, climate concerns, food and water sources, spaciousness inside and outside become challenged? We can rediscover the pathway home to your advocate for self, soul, and society. You can return to your natural self — the part of you who knows, without ditching our lives and running for the hills. Be you.

You, the one who remembers….. 


This Online Seminar  — Healing with Energy Medicine — offers concepts, processes and techniques to take you into your most sacred inner space, rooting the intuitive spiritual healer within.

Healing is about rediscovering, evolving and taking ownership of your true nature. Healing is not simply about corrective measures to fix whatever is perceived as being wrong. It encompasses learning about yourself, honing your intuitive skills and entering into the sacred realms and structures of healing energy.

In this Four-Part On-Line Seminar we will:

Develop a structural understanding of intuition. It’s not what you’ve been taught. The commonly referred to “Clairs” are a fraction of your intuitive faculty and capacity.

Learn how the anatomy of intuition seamlessly merges with your physical anatomy — from soul, to mind, to body and back again.     

Rediscover and confirm your intuitive abilities to go within and discern accurate information about your body and its energy systems.

Tap into the level of intuition from which you tend to operate and practice how to integrate other levels of intuitively-driven perception.

Reconnect to the heart and soul of what you are and who you are here to be.


A process to reveal The Rebel HealerTM within you and what to do with that power of transformation, advocacy and productivity.

Learn how to use Energy Medicine heal aspects of yourself hindered by old patterns (emotional/energetic impacted frequencies) and bring them to light … and into the Light.

Experience how healing with energy changes your life and develops your connection to your soul.

Work with practices that invoke courage, confidence and trust from which you can create a personalized daily routine of energetic self-healing that fits your body’s needs and lifestyle.

Dates: Tuesday, March 6th - Thursday, March 8th - Tuesday, March 13th - Thursday, March 15th

Time: 7:30 - 9:00 pm Central Time, Please adjust to your time zone. Each seminar is 90 minutes long with Q&A included in that time frame.

Tuition: $199.00 - for all four seminars, replays will be available within 48 hours after each seminar.

With Love,



I wanted to let you know that there will be no cookie-cutter or tapping practices taught in this seminar. Although valuable skills, offered here will be original theories and materials that come from the deep observation of the work itself through assisting tens of thousands clients and students, and the lessons I encountered during my near-death experience.

I’ll be sharing many pearls from my 38 years as a practitioner and mentor in structural and medical intuition, as well as equal number of years as a healing practitioner in Energy Medicine — hands-on, hands-off, and remote healing. This seminar will provide practices to build your skills regarding these points of discussion and learning and will provide a new doorway into those fields, adding to any body of work in which you are currently engaged.