Discovering Your Soul-Inspired Life

There is so much noise out there regarding who you should be and how to get there.

I say let’s clear the decks and look at this soulful inquiry in a different way. You can approach investigations, inquiry, and life’s questions in a transactional manner. The way you’re taught in school — who, what, when, where and why.


Let’s take it up a notch to the transcendent level of mind, as opposed to the transactional.

Let’s approach this from an intuitive intelligence point of view, which responds more readily and accurately to the interrogative prompt “what.”

When you begin an inquiry with “what”, something different happens.

The truest of the truth will begin to open gateways. In its own time. Not yours. Your job is to show up and be present. When the invitation arrives, you will have the opportunity to align to that truth of you — of soul, Spirit, and God.

You may or may not receive the steps you feel you need to take. You may or may not be swept over by grace in that moment. But a footprint of the divine will remain in your heart. You will have footsteps on the path to which you can follow to reenter into grace once again.

What you will have done is become humbled by the mere glimpse of the infinite power that is in you, around you and over you.

Your big WHAT will answer you.

Let me explain.

Firstly, you’re a “WHAT” not a “WHO.” I’ve written and spoken about this for decades; and it always bears repeating. You are a soul, eternal mind consciousness, and quintessence.

You are, first and foremost, a WHAT.

The soul of what you are is the absolute of you. The part of you that knows WHO you are to be in this world regarding — personality, talents, work in the world, gifts, patterns, location, tasks, people, pains, powers, joys, perceptions, impulses, etc.

HOW you do it all, depends on your willingness and/or willfulness.

As I’ve said for years, asking, seeking, and poking at life using the word “why” is like wh(y)ining to the Universe.  You’re simply not going to get a clear answer. Your internal search typically ends up in a circuitous spiral of frustration.

Ask any 6 year old, “Why did you do that?” You’ll get the ubiquitous shrug. Thirty, Forty and Sixty-year olds can shrug just as elegantly; especially, when they are searching for life’s directional golden nuggets, and using “why” as their calling card to the divine.

Feeling stuck? Ask, “What am I here to contribute?” The flood gates might open.

Secondly, your infinite nature is birthed from the infinite nature of the cosmos, seen and unseen. To be connected to both aspects of yourself, your body and soul, your finite and infinite, is the goal of this life.

Connect in that way and let your soul work through you. That is an extraordinarily divine and practical position to hold, once you build the bridge of understanding between these integrated worlds.

Take the time in silence, meditation, and prayer to invite in the WHAT of you, your deepest unfettered essence. You’ll discover your answers; and the courage to do what is being asked of you.

I trust you’ll enjoy the Guided Meditation included in this week’s blog. It is the first in a series of three audios that are intended to help you rediscover these aspects of yourself and to become more comfortable and at ease.

An essential activity in your life is to be at ease with What and Who you are, along with the understanding of your co-creative power.

Lastly, have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “What are you doing?” I bet you received a subtle, neutral, and accurate answer right away.

We organically ask “what” in tense situations because there is a part of us that knows when we connect to What we are, the questions are answered. Whether we act on them or not, is another issue.

As I always say, “Life is a working vacation for the soul.”


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