Connecting with your angels & spiritual guidance

Today, I want to talk with you about spiritual guides and guidance. We all have intuition and we all have spiritual guidance available to us. We have those who love us and walk with us in spirit. They are a thin dimension away.

I took this image for this blog. It's not a stellar picture; but, it's interesting. I was staying in Little Rock, Arkansas and was speaking with a friend. Krissy, my friend, was sharing with me about her son's passing and the depth of suffering he experienced through his life. We were both in tears.

For some reason, I turned around and looked up. The images in these pictures below were  on kitchen ceiling. Krissy and I looked all over the kitchen to see if there was light or some reflective object projecting these images on the ceiling. We found nothing and the tears continued to flow. Based on the chills in our bodies and the quivering energy in the room, we knew we were in the presence of the most holy.

Firstly, I want to encourage you to trust your own experiences. That is the utmost importance. Trust is built from experience and in the assessment of that experience, paying attention to what you felt, heard, and what you see. When a similar experience repeats, it is then we can begin to develop a sense of trust. 

Connecting with your spiritual guidance is a sacred task. It's a holy experience that we all have privy to. It should be undertaken with reverence and humility. No matter the length of connection you experience in the moment. What matters is that you embrace the opportunity to connect and converse with them.

Your guardian angel, of which you have one, is by your side before you were born into this life and is with you the entirety of your life and after you leave. You are blessed with this trusted companion through your soul’s experience. You're never alone. 

You also have traveling angels who move with you throughout different phases of your life. Traveling angels are there, sometimes in larger numbers, to help you through a crisis, illness, or through a time in your life where you are ready to break through to a new and exciting change. It's 

"Your angels and guides know you more than you can remember
about yourself in the moment. Trust your connect to them."

Based on your destiny, your angels can help bend the laws of the laws universe and help you and even push you out of the way of the car when you're not paying attention. 

Your guides love you. They listen to you. They speak to you in a harmonic and a language that you can understand; either through your body’s nervous system and sensations or through the language of your culture.

It's good to have a name by which you can call for your guides and your angels. When you ask for their name, it will come to you with a clear resonance. It won't be fuzzy or weak. It will also be a name that is matching to your personality. And it will come in a language of your culture; or a culture to which you are connected in some way. The name you are given is a representation of a harmonic that being carries. Trust me, they don't run around the universe named Fred or Debra or Javier or Gustaf. That is the name of convenience for you. In truth, they have a harmonic that is infinitely long if you were see it visually. It is constructed of mathematical-like symbols that are not of this earth. The name you are given is for convenience sake. It’s more user-friendly. 

Trust the name that you receive. Again, it will be delivered clearly and with a sense of strength. You will know it to be truth because you will feel it resounding in the torso of your body.

Out of respect for this connection, I invite you to sit and write down any wisdom that you receive. An answer to a question. The ponderings you may have about your life, purpose, and plan. Once your connection to your guidance and angels is more solid, the voice of your own soul will be chiming in as well. 

On this point, it’s important to have discernment regarding with whom you are speaking. In order to do that, I strongly suggest a regular meditation practice so that you understand the way your own mind works. Which in turn, we'll help you develop greater discernment regarding the voice of your own intuition — the voice of your soul.

In this spring of 2017 I have a new book coming out, Coffee Shop Angels. I've seen angels since I was a toddler. And it was angels who met me when I died. They instructed me. They welcomed me home and I beheld their beauty, wisdom, and teachings. 

Your guides and your angels are powerful beings. Even though they are pure shimmering light, don't take it lightly. With a deep reverence and love they connect with you. Because you are the miracle. You are the one who has been brave enough to leave the realm of being light, of being awake, to come and have a human experience. You are the honored one. And your angels, guides, and mastery-level souls are here to love and support you so that you know you are not alone. 

Your angels and guides know you more then you can remember, in the moment, what you truly are and who you are to be in this life. But you, my friend, have the ability to connect, any time you wish. Sit. Be quite within your mind and heart. And ask them to step forward, one at a time. Get to know them slowly. Trust your experiences and write them down if you wish. 

I hope this has supported you today and brought you into a deeper sense of reverence and humility regarding the power you carry as a soul.

Be well. Be happy. And remember to trust the voice of your intuition. When you do, miracles happen.

With love, Laura




Angelic forms of light on the ceiling.

Angelic forms of light on the ceiling.

Taken by myself, Little Rock, Arkansas, 2015

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