color_intuition_kit_2Color Intuition Kit

I recorded this audio program because many believe that only a rare few possess legitimate intuitive ability. As well, people are not yet connecting to the enormous, and truly infinite, power that one’s intuitive facility provides. You can discover the answer any question when you listen to your inner wisdom. “Our mind is our only infinite resource. It is our most profound resource for problem solving and creating opportunities in our lives. Our intuition is the direct line to Source.
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Unlocking Your Intuitive Power

On Unlocking Your Intuitive Power, I offer you a full-length audio course to help you learn to read the underlying energetic structure of both animate and inanimate objects, to access insights for healing, life purpose, relationships, and more. Six CDs cover the foundations of medical intuition, how to open to intuitive guidance, meditations for self-confidence and strengthening your skills, and more. Enjoy the journey!

“Medical Intuitive Laura Alden Kamm uses intuitive work with color in her practice, and introduces us here to an exercise from her workbook Color Intuition Kit to start to open up our intuitive abilities. Energy is a powerful and dynamic force. The colors that radiate as a result of that energy have immeasurable amounts of information embedded within them. Some of these qualities of energy are form (design or shape), dimension, speed, density, and direction.”

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>– Annie B. Bond, Executive Producer of Healthy Living

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