Connecting with your angels & spiritual guidance

Today, I want to talk with you about spiritual guides and guidance. We all have intuition and we all have spiritual guidance available to us. We have those who love us and walk with us in spirit. They are a thin dimension away.

I took this image for this blog. It's not a stellar picture; but, it's interesting. I was staying in Little Rock, Arkansas and was speaking with a friend. Krissy, my friend, was sharing with me about her son's passing and the depth of suffering he experienced through his life. We were both in tears.

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Meditation for Cultivating Serenity

Today I want to invite you to sit with me. Meditation is important to our wellness, the cultivation of a softer mind, and helps us develop a more exacting relationship with our intuition. 

Here are several tips I’ve learned along my 30 plus year, curvy path of meditation.

Our minds are like the old Steve Martin skit from Saturday Night Live — “wild and crazy guys.” The unruly lot of thoughts that pinch, poke, and nudge us continuously can feel larger than they are. And that can feel very overwhelming. Continue reading

Understanding Your Body’s Point of View

Today I want to offer you three tips to help you through the Holiday season. The tips below and the podcast above will help you keep in touch with your body and what you need to create a more relaxed and enjoyable time … and life.

One: Take time to do short relaxing transitions. It’s important to take longer breaks and relax during more chaotic times. However, when you don’t have a lot of time, it’s important to learn how to create short transition times. Transition time is when you’re moving from one situation to another. So when you jump in the car, come home from work, or get ready to head out to a party, take some time to gather yourself in.Continue reading

How To Have More Energy

As I mentioned in last week’s post, the last eight or nine months have been really wild. The world seems to have shifted gears into a high-voltage, chaotic energy. My sense is that it will be calming down, reestablishing a new baseline.

For now though, I want to share with you three simple steps to help you recapture your energy, in case it has scooted off somewhere. Feel more balanced and then maintain it, so you’ll feel more energized throughout your day.
That way, you can handle the things you have to handle. And maintain vibrant, bright, and happy energy. 
Step One: Calm Your Energy
You can’t use your intuition or intellect if your mind and energy systems look or feel like a Jackson Pollock painting. 

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Stop Searching for WHO You Are

Stop Searching for WHO You Are
It’s been pretty busy lately, right? Time crunches. Quick little monkey minds clouding your decision making. And if you’re like me, and most of my clients, transformation seems to be the buzz word in our hearts and souls.

I wanted to share with you a practice for connecting and being kind to yourself in transformational times. The BIG tip is reconnecting with your root. When you connect to the deepest part of yourself, you are more likely to love yourself and your life right where you are. Then, change happens more easily. No matter the speed at which life is moving you along, or holding you in place, change is happening. Inside and out.Continue reading

What Can Happen When You Seek Advice?

Have you been graced by a valid opinion?

Or have you been hit by an onion?e0082036-016c-48d6-bc9f-b3cb98e64247

“Should I listen to this person’s opinion, or not? They are part of my inner circle; yet, it feels like I’m getting mix messages. What should I do?”

I get this type of question all the time in my intuitive consulting work. So let’s dive in.

But first, let me start with how this concept came about. The way my blindness is – seeing two direct-to-sight letters at time – every time I see the word ‘opinion’ my brain registers it as the word ‘onion.’ It makes me laugh.

So today, I want to share with you the idea that other people’s opinions can turn out to be onions in disguise.

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You’re More Light Than Shadow

you are more light than shadow

We all get the blues. If you’re on a spiritual path, stretching yourself like Silly Putty, you’re going to feel bummed out from time to time. But that’s okay. That means you have an opportunity to clear away old shadows and bring your Light into those once darkened places.

Let’s put some of your amazing Light to task. After all, a shadow is created only when Light is cast into the darkness. That’s what SoulWorkers do — go into the dark and apply Light.

Next time you’re feeling blue, here’s what you can do:

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Three Elements of Enlightenment

Flower ForsythiaLife is about love and creative expression. There are no mistakes; not from your soul’s point of view. Challenges and problems, suffering and difficult times are no fun; yet, there are an opportunity for the soul and your personality to meet – face to face, so to speak. To find a solution. To weather the storm.  To discover a rainbow, embedded within soaked tensions.

Through the power of your intuition – the innate vehicle of communication between your soul and personality – you will receive the information needed during challenging times. You will receive information that brings light and comfort to what may feel dark and sullen.Continue reading

This Simple Phrase Can Change Your Life

crocusIsn’t it interesting that we all have this incredible skill of intuition? We can use it in any context we choose. We can dive deep within the molecular universe or stretch it to the farthest reaches (and dimensions) of existence.

But, do you trust your intuition? Does it freak you out? Does it bowl you over?

 Today I want to talk about Raw Empathy. Raw Empathy is a term I developed after years of observation and experience in my work as an intuitive. It’s the second level within a model I developed — The Hierarchy of Intuitive Perception.

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