Three Elements of Enlightenment

Flower ForsythiaLife is about love and creative expression. There are no mistakes; not from your soul’s point of view. Challenges and problems, suffering and difficult times are no fun; yet, there are an opportunity for the soul and your personality to meet – face to face, so to speak. To find a solution. To weather the storm.  To discover a rainbow, embedded within soaked tensions.

Through the power of your intuition – the innate vehicle of communication between your soul and personality – you will receive the information needed during challenging times. You will receive information that brings light and comfort to what may feel dark and sullen.Continue reading

This Simple Phrase Can Change Your Life

crocusIsn’t it interesting that we all have this incredible skill of intuition? We can use it in any context we choose. We can dive deep within the molecular universe or stretch it to the farthest reaches (and dimensions) of existence.

But, do you trust your intuition? Does it freak you out? Does it bowl you over?

 Today I want to talk about Raw Empathy. Raw Empathy is a term I developed after years of observation and experience in my work as an intuitive. It’s the second level within a model I developed — The Hierarchy of Intuitive Perception.

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The Gift of Grumpiness

newhandHad enough? Ticked off? Annoyed to the point where you’d like to kick yourself in your own behind? …and you sure would, if you hadn’t strained your hamstrings in yoga.

But, hold on Missy, you’re a nice person.

“Oh my God,” you sputter, as you grind that bicuspid just a little bit more before you spew pent up schlomp on a loved one; or better yet, a stranger.

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Resist The Run

path through bamboo forest“Oh God, get me out of here!” Have you ever chanted that prayer? I know I have. The urge to run is powerful. It’s instinctual. It can be an intuitive warning that danger is hovering; however, this type of intuitive alert is not what I’m talking about today.

The urge to run can be a default that you’ve set up in your life. It grabs your attention when life breaks the barriers of your self-defined sense of control.

Do you run? Do you freeze? Do you fight?Continue reading