Becoming a Medical Intuitive

Laura Alden Kamm’s ONLINE COURSE
This powerful ten-lesson course is designed specifically for individuals who have a compelling interest to explore, develop and strengthen their intuitive abilities in the fields of Energy Medicine and Medical Intuition.

Becoming a Medical Intuitive –
An Online Learning Experience

For almost thirty years Laura has been perceiving the human body—illness and wellness—along with assessing structures such as buildings, business dealings, and many diverse targets using only her intuition as a guide. Her natural intuitive abilities were amplified when she went through an illness and near-death experience (NDE) in 1982. Her skills and accuracy as a “full-spectrum” intuitive have been credentialed world-wide by physicians, government officials, CEOs and countless numbers of people. She is a leading pioneer in the field of structural and medical intuition.

lak clr oatmeal stwr with ncklace side shot 1 (2)Now, she has created this revolutionary online program for you to take control of your wellness, your intuitive and healing abilities, and your life through medical intuitive self-assessment. It utilizes her exclusive method—the method Laura uses in her private medical intuitive consultations.

This exclusively designed course—complete with audio, enriching practices and easy to apply instructions—accelerates your consciousness with each of the 12 expanding lessons. As Laura shares:

“During my NDE I was taught how to intuitively discern structures, any structure, by seeing, hearing, sensing and knowing—simultaneously—its patterns of energy. This is the stuff of which theoretical physicists speak. I am thrilled to present to you the gold standard and foundational teachings in Applied Medical Intuition.”

If you sense a sincere call to this work, it can be certain that you can feel what Laura feels. It is time to step up to your own natural intuitive, healing abilities. The world genuinely needs your awakened talents—your ability to intuitively perceive that which others cannot access at this time. With your choice to hold high the banner of your skills, organically, you will help to awaken others.

You will learn:

  • The philosophies and strategies in conducting a personal medical intuitive assessment—understanding the big picture of your true nature.
  • Tools that develop an awakened presence within you. Without this, you will not be able to access or trust intuitive data accurately, nor use your “on-demand intuition,” as Laura describes.
  • Your energy—who or what is in charge when you’re not looking.
  • How to TRUST your intuition by learning its patterns, preferences, and how to accurately perceive it.
  • Reading your energy field and understanding the answer to “Where did that come from?”
  • The outlined, step-by-step process of the Kamm Method of Medical Intuition.
  • The most effective way to intuitively read the body for medical information and healing.
  • How to approach, read, organize and manage intuitive/energetic information.
  • Ethics and intuitive integrity.
  • Healing yourself.
  • The evolution of YOU as an intuitive

Please note that this online course is a non-refundable product.