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Laura Alden Kamm is an internationally respected inspirational teacher, philosopher, and author. Her life has been dedicated to the fields of human consciousness, spirituality, structural and medical intuition, and personal empowerment.

LAKamm brwn swtr braid 1-optShe is an expert in the experience and process of mystical experiences, the awakening and evolution of the soul, and the development of intuition. Her work has spread through word of mouth, influencing and supporting tens of thousands from over 130 countries.

Laura has been a guest on ABC and Fox News and featured in national and international magazines including Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul, Visjion and Medium (Norway). She is the author of Intuitive Wellness, Unlocking Your Intuitive Power, and Color Intuition. Her second book is due out in 2016.

Laura is a global resource, providing public and corporate trainings worldwide, including Dr. Oz’s Integrative Medical Team at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Her remote healing skills were vetted in a long-distance healing study for advanced HIV/AIDS patients, sponsored by the California Pacific Medical Center. The study was funded by the NIH, National Institute for Health.


Buddha Kannon's Hand-bbSince early childhood, Laura has turned her curiosities toward the evolution of human consciousness, intuition, and higher consciousness. This organic drive occurred because of her own mystical experiences as a child and adolescence. Her inner wonder and inquiry have driven her entire life – experientially, philosophically, and academically. Her purpose is to help end suffering, assisting others in the awakening to their wise, joyful, and soul-driven nature, from which contentment and understanding arises.

“Enlightenment is not found within the shallow furrows of the status quo. For when we stand on the rim of our own ego, and face the attendant chaos, we illuminate our soul.”  - Laura Alden Kamm

Early Life

Born in a small farming town in Northwestern Illinois, Laura was born with an unparalleled, scalable skill of intuition, “seeing” at a macro scale and at a level that experts compare to an electron microscope. After moving to Ohio at age three, her father taught her the fundamental principles of Yoga and Tai Chi at the ages of 5 and 6. This ignited her natural intuition, leading her into intense curiosities about religion and spirituality by the age of 8.

lak 1960 balletThe age range from 8-16 is when Laura went through numerous transcendent and mystical experiences, some of which occurred while in the presence of others. No one around her could explain these experiences, not in her small Southeastern Ohio town; although, her father had experienced a few mystical experience in his own life. He, however, did not experience the same degree or intensity. For Laura, it was a time of great discovery, tumult, connection with God, and what lies beyond the status quo. However, she shut down her skills, gifts, and existential inquiries at the age of 16 … in order to “fit in.”

While attending college in her mid-twenties, a near-death experience, caused by spinal meningitis and brain abscesses, changed her life. She became totally blind and then died in an ambulance, while being moved from one hospital to another. Revived in the ambulance, and waking up from a coma days later, she then faced surgery.

Prior to the 10 hour brain surgery, which ultimately saved her life, the doctors told her family to be prepared. If she survived, she would most likely remain in a vegetative state. Miracles do occur. And with her miraculous recovery and only partial blindness as a result of the illness, her life was forever changed. Her educational path shifted from architecture to anthropology and Laura’s spiritual questing began again.

Arc of Work

Since early childhood, Laura has mapped patterns of energetic structures as they apply to the natural and man-made world. As a result, she is the creator of the field of Structural Intuition (SI), a science that encompasses the systematic observations of thought (both conscious and unconscious) and the energetic structures, patterns, movements, various level of inherent intelligences, and their behaviors.

The principles and models within Structural Intuition apply to the likelihood of manifestation – one’s ability to manifest and create the life of one’s truest sense of self and purpose, and attain a wakeful state of consciousness.unlocking-intutive-power

Structural Intuition’s principles also apply to our connection to objects and experiences within our physical lives and that which exists beyond this life. SI illuminates the connective tissue – both seen and unseen – regarding our wellness, life’s purpose, personal healing and empowerment, as well all things physical and how we relate to them – plants, animals, and both surface and subterranean geological features, as well as astronomical.

Structural Intuition correlates the interwoven patterns of, what Laura calls, “The Four Intelligences” – spiritual, emotional, energetic, and physical – and how they respond to stimuli and contribute to states of well-being and the movement of these intelligences within various environments.

Through her work in Structural Intuition, particularly as it relates to wellness and medical intuition, she has mapped common denominators regarding imbalances, conditions, and acute and chronic diseases – energetic/emotional impacts and patterns, particulate density (and their behaviors), the likelihood of manifestation, and the directional movement of healing and curing to name a few. Some of her most fascinating observations have been in the fields of fertility, psychoneuroimmunology, the microbiome, and nervous system conditions.

More importantly, Structural Intuition can map an individual’s evolution toward higher states of consciousness, mystical experiences, and spiritual awakenings. As a result of her work in the field of human consciousness, Laura developed the Kamm Hierarchy of Intuitive Perception, based on decades of working with students and clients, as well as through deep exploration of her own mystical experiences throughout her life.

This Hierarchy offers an in-depth look at the levels, stages, and passages our consciousness travels through as we open, align, and transcend our internal obstacles, moving toward our true nature – the soul. It offers support and a pathway through the mystical and spiritual experiences that occur as one awakens. “Full-spectrum Intuition,” “Raw Empathy,” “Directional Empathy,” and “Intuitive Analytics” are a few of the terms she has coined, which identify specific platforms within this hierarchical process.

Structural Intuition is not the entire scope of Laura’s work; however, it is the foundation from which much comes.