90 Days of Medical Intuition Unmuted


I chose to create this 90-day series in an audio format and this is why.

When I work with people privately I don't use Skype video as it's too distracting. As a medical intuitive, I'm focusing on "going in" and not "looking at" the person with whom I'm working. I'd like you to experience this series of Medical Intuition Unmuted in the same way, without visual distractions. I'd prefer you to sit quietly, ear buds plugged in as needed, and with eyes close or looking at a blank wall or floor. Just like I do when I'm in session. I want you to go in; not looking at a video, checking out my hair, looking at Yoda sitting on my desk, my rocks, Buddhas etc. I don't want you to stop the video to gooseneck sideways in order to see what books I might have on my bookshelf. I invite you to go in. To listen to my voice and descriptions of the world I experience everyday. A world that is for all of us, as this is what and who we truly are .... incredible souls, intuitively working here and experiencing this gift of life. As I always say, "life is a working vacation for the soul."

PS: For those of you who are hearing impaired, email me at Laura@LauraKamm.com.

Note: The Medical Intuition Unmuted audio series will, initially, roll out in out in chunks and not one day at a time. There will be short gaps in time that the Days are being created and posted. Please go to Laura's Youtube channel and subscribe and you will receive an email when each Day is posted. Thanks for listening!